tabooThis week is supposed to be a little wetter then the last, but that works out for me.

I was asked by April O’Peel of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society if I could make a special guest appearance in their Taboo Burlesque Show. I practiced with them last week and it was super TIGHT. What better style of dance for SpandyAndy then comedy/sexy. ;-)

The show is Friday and Saturday, May 21-22, at 8:00pm.
If you are interested in attending all event information is here:

2 Responses to “Burlesque Performance”
  1. page turner

    Yep, comedy/sexy! Burlesque is MADE for SpandyAndy! ; )

  2. April O'Peel

    Yaaa!! Spandy #1!! We are so excited to have yoo!!!!!!


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