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We are starting the weekend off in sunny Troon. It’s a beautiful Scottish day and we had the most fun hanging our clothes out on the clothes line this morning. It’s the small things I guess.

I think we are both reaching our travel limit for the time being and excited to be back in Vancouver for a bit to settle down and focus on some new routines and good things. We are certainly planning a fun wish list of things we look forward to having at our new apartment. To name a few…

The Glide Board – Spandy is really feeling like a kid again day dreaming about getting one of these glide boards. He had a chance at riding one a couple weeks ago at Playlist, and now he can’t get it out of his head. He’s saying it will be the best way to get around our new downtown Vancouver place. I’m thinking he just wants it to play with and dance on. Either way, it is awesome and I’m scared to try it.


 iPhone 6s – Apple got us again. The new 6s comes with this crazy awesome camera that will make Snapchats, photos and filming so much better. Will be sure to give an update once we get it in.


Bar Carts – I can’t wait to start organizing a bar cart for some fun mixers. I love this list of unique ways to have a booze free bar cart. Mine will definitely have some booze on it, but I can appreciate these funky styles!


This Jacket – I’m in the search for a good jacket y’all. Like one that keeps me super warm on these cold Canadian days but also looks really good with multiple outfits. It’s a hard search. Help me!


What are some of your must haves this week? Isn’t the internet such a dangerous place to be when your in the online shopping mood?! xoxo



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