Giving Away Kindness – Thrustback Thursday

When the holiday season rolls around the season of kindness seems to kick in. Giving back, helping others, being selfless and positively impacting others is in full force.

We try to implement this routine of kindness into our everyday lives, no matter the season. I think the idea of finding happiness in your own life comes from helping those around you.

Last year we set out to do 30 days of kindness in Vancouver. Each week we headed out and gave what we could to those we thought needed it. We were paid for our time in smiles and thank you’s.

This week we wanted to share our Glove Love video with you. 3 minutes of LOVE. I loved this day. It was so special to do something together that made other people happy.


A friend said to me today that as she walked through the doors at the shopping center, she noticed that she didn’t hold them up for the person behind her, so she ran back and grabbed the door before the person got to it. Shocked, the person was full of expressive gratitude for the simplest of acts. This needs to happen more often. We shouldn’t be shocked by a small piece of kindness.

I’m going to hold the door open for everyone I see tomorrow.

Enjoy the video! xoxo

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I love reading, writing and contributing to blogs. Words and photos take me places, and in 2017 I hope to take bigger and better pictures and write stronger and longer words.

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