Vancouver’s Best Hair Salon – Volume Studios

I had a facial this morning, and the woman giving it to me said, ‘So I see that you and Andy work together, have business together, and train together, what don’t you do together?!’ The answer is, not much! We even take trips to the hair dresser together.

I LOVE a good day spent at the hair salon. It’s so relaxing, engaging and you come out looking like a million bucks. (I always enter the hair salon looking a bit negative!)

Volume Studios in the West End of Vancouver first wowed us from the outside. We passed this brightly lit studio daily as we walked to the store or headed out for a coffee. It was always hustling and bustling inside. I swear I could hear the laughter from inside out on the streets. This place oozed fun. And style.


When I contacted their owners about updating our styles, they were right on board. Dean and David opened Volume in 2013, and not only are they passionate about hair, but they love their community and strive to make it a better one. I think thats what really drew me to them. Dean is so involved in Vancouver’s community and it is so inspiring.

Dean has single handily organized multiple events; including the upcoming, RED “A Positive Day”. (I’ll do a separate post on this event closer to the date – so stay tuned!) If you can’t wait till that post – purchase your tickets here – February 20th at The Commodore Ballroom. It’s amazing what a team of like-minded people who come together for a cause can do. This production features an array of volunteers, models, dancers and stylists.


Let’s get back to the hair, because I am seriously in love with my new hair color. I have such a hard time with my blonde becoming brassy. It’s been a couple weeks now and my color is still full of life and shine. Kristofer nailed it. I wish I could hug him everyday when I wake up and see my hair!


And, Andy’s hair. It’s a force of it’s own. A girlfriend texted me the other day and said ‘Wow, I just saw your Snapchat and Andy’s hair is ON POINT!’. The guy gets more compliments on his hair than I do. Understandably though. Edgar worked his magic and was so passionate and persistent in getting the right color. His work paid off.


Oh, and my haircut. It was pure precision baby. I swear he cut every single hair separately. The care that went into my haircut almost made me cry! He was SO good. I feel confident saying that this was the best hair cut I’ve ever had.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let this settle for now. I’ve got to get out for a glass of champagne in sunny New Zealand and show off my locks.


If you’re in the Vancouver area you need to check out Volume Studio! We convinced Andy’s brother and our good friend who already booked appointments! 

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