Carry-on Luggage How To – What’s in Our Bags?

I tried to add up the amount of airports that we have been in since meeting a couple years ago, and I lost count at 35. That’s a whole hell of a lot of airports, security lines, baggage counters, escalator rides, and running at the last minute. Remember when I talked about being an expert on a subject a few days ago in this post? Well, I think the amount of traveling that we do makes us semi-experts in how to pack a carry-on for a successful trip. Our Carry-On Luggage How To will set you up for your next flight.  There are different ways that we pack for a domestic vs. international flight, and different things we need for a quick 2 hour flight compared to a 12 hour long haul.


En route to our favorite city; Melbourne! 

His Carry-On Luggage


I love this backpack that we got from Kitson in Santa Monica two years ago. It has been with us on every flight since then, and with all its compartments, it proves to be the best thing for Andy to travel with. Plus, its a good conversation starter. “You got a lot of pockets there buddy!’. So silly, but it’s a way to connect us to people, and thats what we love to do.

Carry-on Luggage How To Spandy Andy

Spandy Andy ALWAYS travels with a pair of Spandex in his carry-on. You just never know when you’ll need that spandex! He also always has a pair of Budgy Smugglers in his bag, which I think is hilarious, and I am anxiously awaiting the day that he needs an emergency Budgy Smuggler in the airport.

Carry-on Luggage How TO Pocket Backpack

A few things he likes to have on hand at the airport are; his passport (duh!), a phone, laptop and charger. Give us a wifi connection and we can work from anywhere! We love having iBooks on our iPhone and having a library at our fingertips while in flight. It saves a lot of weight not having to travel with a ton of books. We started having ginger tablets on flights to settle our stomachs and now we can’t fly without them.

Her Carry-On Luggage


On domestic flights I really scale back on what I bring in my carry-on. I like to be prepared for any situation and know that if there is a mishap, I have something in my bag that can help me out in a bind. I love my Tory Burch Hobo because it is so slim and fits right under my arm. It carries my wallet, sunglasses and emergency kit. I also travel with my laptop, phone and a charger.


My mini emergency kit holds a variety of stuff at different times, but on flights it primarily contains; lip gloss, hand sanitizer, lotion, eye drops, and a Vicks Vapo for your nose. I get so stuffy on dry on flights so I like to have everything I need on flights to make myself more comfortable.


I will always be a writer, I love my iPhone, but the notes APP just doesn’t cut it for me. There is something about putting pen to paper when writing a list, I like crossing things off and adding doodles to express things. My new notebook is pretty perfect; showcasing all the different airport codes.


I love my passport SO much, it just makes me happy to see it filled with stamps and visas. I have ONE empty page left in my passport, and it expires this year. I get super OCD about my passport and very much dislike when customs officials don’t pay attention to where they are stamping and stamp over another stamp. The struggle is real y’all. When my passport expires this year I will upgrade to the new E-passport, which equals smaller lines and quicker custom times. WAHOO! Andy has had one for the last year, and he isn’t against leaving me in a long line while he breezes through, what a gentleman.

Carry-on Luggage How To

What is your MUST HAVE carry-on item? We love changing our routine, and adding things as we go.

Safe travels, my friends! xo



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  1. Katrin June 12, 2016 at 8:06 am - Reply

    My must-haves for my carry-on are a chap stick, hand lotion, Kleenex and wet wipes. I hate having dry lips and hands, and it’s always good to be able to freshen up with a wet wipe. For a long flight, a neck pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask can make the difference between arriving at your destination tired and moody, or rested and happy 🙂
    E-books on my phone are also good to have, can make the hours fly by much faster.

  2. Rick Whestler December 12, 2016 at 11:02 am - Reply

    That is a brilliant backpack with so many carrying pockets. I want one !

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