Battling Allergies the Healthy Way

I am reminding myself to not take my health for granted, because if I wake up one more morning with an itchy throat, dry nose and watering eyes I think I will lose my mind.

Allergy season is upon us folks, and it is hitting hard around here. I had the pleasure of growing up without any real allergies. I don’t know if being away from Texas during allergy season the past 4 years has reignited my senses or what, but I am deep in the trenches of kleenex and meds. I typically feel good for about 1 hour out of the day, and then as quickly as that feeling came, its back to sneezing and rubbing my nose. I can’t find a cure! Or at least one that doesn’t make me groggy, tired and drugged up.

I try to do things the natural way most of the time, and have found that these bad boys help me stay clean and a bit clear when it comes to my allergies.

Colloidal Silver…

Silver is one of those ‘super’ meds that is used as a dietary supplement. Our bodies do not require silver, yet when taken in small doses, silver can act as an antibiotic agent to treat health issues. I find that taking a few drops of colloidal silver throughout the day keeps me balanced and my immune system feeling strong.

Oil of Oregano…

Translated from Latin, Oil of Oregano means ‘joy of the mountain’. An herb that comes from its literal meaning, Oregano. Traditionally oil of oregano has been used to treat many infections and as an effective cold alleviator. I add a few drops to my morning water and hold my breath as I get it down the hatch.


I throw this guy in there for good measure and as an energy booster when these allergies are sucking the life out of me. 30 seconds under the tongue each morning and I bounce back to my happy-go-lucky self in no time.

What are your go-to remedies for treating allergies? I am open to any and all suggestions!!


your fellow allergy sufferer.


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