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Ok, really… who wants to be my wedding planner?! My Pinterest board isn’t carrying through to real-life as easy as I thought it would. Planning an out of country wedding can be a bit challenging at times, and I just want all the details to come together! Wedding planning has got to be one of the more trying times at the beginning of a relationship. As we try to communicate and compromise on things we both want, visions have to be changed and we have to be ok with that.

One thing I am excited to have a bit of control over is my bridal party! I love all my girlfriends and having them close to me during such an exciting time is really important to me. I put together a little party last week with bubbles and Big Ass Balloons to help pop the question to my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids.


Side Note: I asked Andy if he wanted to put together a little something to give his groomsmen and his reply was “Nah, I just Snapchat them & asked them.” Minimalist. I like him.


I LOVE hosting parties and putting things together – the wedding is a much larger scale than things I am typically used to, yet I am forever a planner and organizer. I love the details in the perfect cheese board, a drink set-up with fun touches and the right amount of decorations.


I gave all the girls a few fun gifts, my favorite being a wooden wine opener with a tag that read ‘help me open this new chapter of my life’.


I also couldn’t have been happier to have a couple of HUGE, Big Ass Balloons flank my island with a pop of color. My sweet friend from high school started this cool company out of Houston that supplies parties with the right amount of WOW! These balloons are SO big & SO cool. An immediate conversation starter (I actually walked home a couple of blocks with them and got some pretty strange looks!).


The details mean a lot to me, but on this large scale I am just in over my head! Any wedding planning tips are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks Y’all. xoxo


a lived-in kitchen is my favorite kind of kitchen ~ kitty
open wine bottles & a few dirty dishes

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