Canada Day & Fourth of July

Ok Y’all, this is the most Monday Tuesday ever. We had such a busy weekend with Canada Day a 70th birthday party & July 4th! We hardly did anything on the 4th and I’m still recovering from a busy weekend!

Spandy Andy had a couple of appearances in towns across Alberta so on Thursday and Friday we made the rounds and he did a little dance. The perfect welcome into Canada is 70 degrees and long sunny days. The Texas summer was just about at its peak when we left so we got out at the perfect time. The sun doesn’t set until 10:30 here and these long days are the best. Even though the sun is out, 70 degrees is cold to my abnormal body temperature and I pretty much live in yoga pants, socks and a sweater when I’m here. Winning.





I am so proud to be an American (after becoming one when I was 17!) and Andy is equally proud to be a Canadian. I look forward to our (one day!) growing family and how our children will get to be dual citizens. Or maybe triple citizens since I am British? Anyone know the answer to that? Either way, give love and happiness to those around you whichever country you may be in!


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