Funny Entertainers to Follow – Australia

I love when Kimmy thinks I’m funny. I strive to make her laugh, she is the perfect combo of my biggest critic and sometimes the only one who actually will laugh at me. I especially love when other people think I’m funny.

I’ve always been a jokester – pulling pranks, trying to get a smirk, a smile or a full blown laugh out of anyone and everyone. It definitely got me in trouble sometimes, but it’s proven to be worth it in the end.

OZFinder recently reached out to me and let me know that the added me to their top list of ‘Funny Entertainers to Follow’. Um, life made. Talk about goals. I was SO happy!!

I do this for the laughs, for you, and for the good energy I get from making other people happy. So, to be recognized is a huge accomplishment in my books. Thank you for the love and support. It means the world to me!

Thanks again, OZFinder – I hope I continue to be funny and can’t wait to start using dad jokes!

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Spandy Andy is an international entertainer who is recognized as an internet sensation thanks to over 100 million views online.

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