Random in Rio

As much as we loved Rio, the only downfall was the limited availability of fresh produce. Please, feel free to tell us if we were looking in the wrong area, but we just could not seem to find local, fresh food. Since I am a vegetarian, and Spandy likes to stick to a pretty healthy diet we really hard to search for food that was suitable for what we wanted. Luckily, there were these fresh fruit juice stands on almost every corner. Spandy LOVES kiwi and I love anything fresh and fruity, so this was a go-to place for us!


These little street markets offered a huge selection of bananas and vegetables, but mostly consisted of souvenirs and art work. I loved wandering through these each morning and watching the vendors set up for the day. Sleep in their eyes and determination on their faces.


Life in Rio can’t be compared to life in North America. Everything about their culture and way of living is different. Yet, ultimately, people want to be happy, they want to provide for themselves and their families, and they find a way to do so in many different facets.


Our first day of Rio was a semi-sweet one. We were thrilled to be in this new and exciting place, yet having lost our luggage we were feeling a bit dirty, tired and restless thinking that the Budgy Smugglers wouldn’t arrive on time! We hit the streets and ran into this lady selling sparkly shirts. Spandy needed one. Right now. She was the sweetest little thing, and had such a laugh at this guy wearing her sparkly shirt. (She definitely thought I was the one buying it!)


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