Rio 2016 – Olympic Dreams

The energy at the Olympics is beyond exciting. Its pretty exhilarating, but at the same time while its being held in Rio, it came with a few protests and upset people. Regardless of that, we loved our Olympic experience and had such a good time supporting both the US and Canada.


The first event we went to was beach volleyball. Both Canada and USA were playing. Unfortunately, the Canadian men lost, but the American women won, and OMG it was an experience. One of the best crowds I have ever been around.


I LOVE doing life with this guy. Keeping me laughing all day long. 


We lucked out at the Olympic store and walked in to find these two shirts sitting side by side, basically waiting for us! I love how our colors match together, and we can support each other.


The second event we attended was Athletics. Again, we got to see both Canada and USA compete in events and got to witness Ashton Eaton win some incredible events. Ashton Eaton represents USA and is married to a Canadian athlete. Cross-country love! It’s our thing too!

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