Family Time!

Our parents finally met! We have been looking forward to this date for a long time. With constantly changing travel schedules and living in separate countries, working out a schedule to meet each other has proven difficult.


haha! I love Milo’s face in this photo! His eyes! 

Our new home hosted the perfect backdrop for a meeting. We worked VERY hard to get all the last minute things done before Andy’s parents arrived. The day that their flight was getting in we had 10 people in this little bungalow. Cleaning, hanging photos, primping pillows, changing sheets, oh and covering holes in the walls and grouting tiles on the kitchen floor! (I’ll be putting together a big post of our Renos soon!)


Do not focus on our grass!! The yard needs A LOT of work! 

While Andy’s parents made the trip from Canada, his brother Josh and his boyfriend also happened to be in Dallas for Dallas Pride. It was the perfect time for us all to get together!




I am looking forward to many nights spent gathered around our kitchen table. Lazy Saturday mornings with people in town, and fun walks to the downtown area for our favorite beer & food.


This poorly lit photo is just us being tourists in downtown Dallas. 

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