Spandy Andy & Love Handle!

A year ago, at Playlist Live Orlando, Spandy and I met the founders and creators of Love Handle. Their product was included in our swag bag, and when we found ourselves standing in line next to them at Universal Studios, I had to point out how much she loved the Love Handle!

We quickly started talking, and found out that they were based out of Texas, so we had that in common! I thought Love Handle was the coolest little invention, and while it may have been done in other ways before, I love the color and design of this brand.


Spandy Andy holding his own Love Handle! 

So much so, that when I reached out to them, Love Handle offered to make us our very own Spandy Andy Love Handle. Enter my excitement here!! Well, the time came for us to meet up again, this time at Playlist Live DC and they did not disappoint. I love sporting my guys name on the back of my phone. My phone is constantly in my hand (I know – it’s an issue!) but I love having something easy to hold onto, and a reminder of Spandy Andy. Win-Win in my books!


You can order your Spandy Andy Love Handle here! Snapchat us when you get yours in! @Spandyandy & @Kimmyson

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