5 days in Vancouver – Showing Off Our Holiday City

Whew, WHAT A WEEK! I had to take a TWO HOUR nap today to regain some energy when we got back from dropping off my mom at the airport. We made one last stop at Tim Horton’s before she boarded and not even the coffee could keep me from sleep. I was out!

We walked ALL over the city these past five days. Popped into restaurants that offered the ambiance of warmth and mulled wine, and a cozy place to take off our layers and have a laugh. Oh, and explain that Ben is a ‘service dog’ and is allowed EVERYWHERE!

Before I flew to Vancouver I had Ben registered as an Emotional Support Animal. This is so he was able to sit on my lap during the flight and to make it easy to bring him in places. Ben is incredibly well behaved, clean and easy-going, so I knew having him on a flight and in restaurants wouldn’t be an issue. We took him with us wherever we went this week. To the movies? Ben loved Office Christmas Party. Night out at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League and then off to Enchant Vancouver for the Christmas Light Maze? Sign Ben up, he is coming along for the ride. (PS – show at VTSL was Christmas Queen- AMAZING! & Enchant is totally worth a visit & a stop off at their Christmas Market!)

I love this new little addition in our lives. Dogs just bring such a smile to peoples faces and start so many conversations.

A trip to Granville Island didn’t happen unless you take a picture in front of the silos! Lol, I don’t know why we look the same heigh in all these photos! I am 5 inches taller than my mom!! I must have been leaning down to her in all of them!

It was so nice having someone in town to show around, because we were able to do a lot of things that we actually don’t do when we are here. I forgot how much I loved the gas lamps lining the streets in Gastown. Oh, and how fun is taking the quick ferry from False Creek over to Granville Island? Such a novelty that we forget to do in day-to-day life.

I just love my mom so much! We have had such an emotional year with the loss of our dad, and I am so happy that she was able to come to Vancouver at the end of the year and relax on her own for a few days. I love sharing adventures with my parents, and think it’s so important to remember to value the time we spend with them. Next time we will go somewhere where you can wear your cute clothes and not worry about how many layers to put on!

How cute is my mom at Enchant Vancouver?

One week left here for Andy and I! Will catch y’all up on the Highstreet shows after the weekend! They have been SO fun.

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