Spandy Andy, the Blogger!

I am a blogger!  I write blogs. See, you’re reading it right now! 😀

I share my perspective and experiences with you via my blog.  I share why life makes me so freakin’ happy! Whaaaaat!? Let me explain myself.

Life is… What YOU make it!

It’s easier saying it, than doing it.  I kept saying I was a blogger, but I wasn’t blogging. What the? That doesn’t make sense.  Now that I am blogging, it makes sense.

Actions speak louder than words.  We’ve all read it before.  We all just read it again. Is reading this actually going to affect us?  What would make an impact on our lives? Let’s see, what’s made an impact on me in the past.  Experiences. Real life experiences.  Nothing I’ve read has been able to affect me so profoundly, as a real life experiences has.

About the Author:

Spandy Andy is an international entertainer who is recognized as an internet sensation thanks to over 100 million views online.

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