About Kimmy

I love reading, writing and contributing to blogs. Words and photos take me places, and in 2017 I hope to take bigger and better pictures and write stronger and longer words.

2016 Highlights (Forget The Lows!)

Doesn't it just blow your mind on how much you can accomplish in a year? All the little places you travel to, people you meet and things you acquire in a single year sometimes just overwhelm me. It evokes conversations in our home like 'What is all this about?', 'What is the meaning of life?'

A Magical Last Day in Vancouver at The Christmas Market

We spent our last day in Vancouver at one of the happiest places in the city! The Christmas Market! The new location is right on the water, next to Canada Place and it was SO special! I tagged along as Spandy had an afternoon appearance at the market. I love attending events like this with

5 days in Vancouver – Showing Off Our Holiday City

Whew, WHAT A WEEK! I had to take a TWO HOUR nap today to regain some energy when we got back from dropping off my mom at the airport. We made one last stop at Tim Horton's before she boarded and not even the coffee could keep me from sleep. I was out! We walked ALL

Launching BOLD Media Marketing

We are incredibly humbled and excited to announce the upcoming official launch and arrival of our new social media marketing company, BOLD Media Marketing. The two of us have such a passion for social media, marketing, brand awareness and delivering organic and unique campaigns for products and brands that are close to us. The official

Spandy Andy & Love Handle!

A year ago, at Playlist Live Orlando, Spandy and I met the founders and creators of Love Handle. Their product was included in our swag bag, and when we found ourselves standing in line next to them at Universal Studios, I had to point out how much she loved the Love Handle! We quickly started

Family Time!

Our parents finally met! We have been looking forward to this date for a long time. With constantly changing travel schedules and living in separate countries, working out a schedule to meet each other has proven difficult. haha! I love Milo's face in this photo! His eyes!  Our new home hosted the perfect backdrop for