About Kimmy

I love reading, writing and contributing to blogs. Words and photos take me places, and in 2017 I hope to take bigger and better pictures and write stronger and longer words.

Art in Rio

The streets of Rio are filled with color and character. We LOVED the black and white pattern that separates the beach from the streets at Copacabana and covers the downtown paths. The design and planning of these black and white swirls surely took a love of labor. Selaron's Stairs is a famous spot in downtown

Christ the Redeemer

On our second to last day in Rio we were finally able to take a tour to see Cristo Redentor. Or, Christ the Redeemer. This art-deco statue was completed in 1931, and named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. It truly is something to admire. Not only is the statue in

Magic Moments in Rio

I always like to get up early when we travel. Get outside, be one with the locals. Tour around and see things from a different perspective. The morning light is so amazing in Rio. Walking down Copacabana beach was like a dream. Nothing beats this view.  Man, I love this guys sweet, sleepy face! That

Budgy Smugglers in Rio

Spandy (and myself) have had the pleasure of working with the Budgy Smuggler crew for a few years now. Budgy Smuggler originally contacted Spandy about 5 years ago when they saw his Sexy and I Know It video on St. Kilda Beach and they sent him to the London Olympics in 2012. Ever since then

Random in Rio

As much as we loved Rio, the only downfall was the limited availability of fresh produce. Please, feel free to tell us if we were looking in the wrong area, but we just could not seem to find local, fresh food. Since I am a vegetarian, and Spandy likes to stick to a pretty healthy