About Kimmy

I love reading, writing and contributing to blogs. Words and photos take me places, and in 2017 I hope to take bigger and better pictures and write stronger and longer words.

Battling Allergies the Healthy Way

I am reminding myself to not take my health for granted, because if I wake up one more morning with an itchy throat, dry nose and watering eyes I think I will lose my mind. Allergy season is upon us folks, and it is hitting hard around here. I had the pleasure of growing up

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Coming Back To Reality

I am so lucky that I have this crazy, energetic and full of life guy that keeps me laughing and enjoying the small things daily. But, almost every second of every day I am thinking of my dad and going through a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Mostly sadness and hurt, but occasionally some anger has

Pulling the Positive out of a Negative Situation

A few weeks before my (our) lives were turned upside down, we had started a blog series on being your best self. How to be happy, all the time and put your best face forward. We have been truly tested on being happy all the time, and it has not been easy. I'm finding it

How my Dad’s Death Instantly Humbled Me

It hasn't quite been two weeks since that awful morning that I got the call about my father, first being rushed to hospital, and not soon after passing away. It was 6am in Melbourne, an already sunny Wednesday and I was complaining about having to wake up to do yoga. What the hell am I

5 Ways to Give to the Australian Heart Foundation

The Australian Heart Foundation is an organization that is important to both of us, for various reasons. Heart disease is the number one killer in Australia, and a scary statistic. Having the ability to share the goals of the Australian Heart Foundation and engage y'all in a conversation about something real is awesome. We want

Your Best Self

In an effort to hold ourselves accountable to being our best selves each day, we decided to put together a bit of a blog series that documents how we stay focused each day and maintain a level of happiness. Through a balance of intentional happiness, enjoying the small things and appreciating everything, we are trying