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Spandy Andy is an international entertainer who is recognized as an internet sensation thanks to over 100 million views online.

Gringo de Mayo

Today is the 5th of May. Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. Some people celebrate it, while others don't. I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone at a taco truck in LA since I'm here for Cinco de Mayo. I called the video Gringo de Mayo because a gringo is not a Latino. ?

Playlist LIVE – Orlando 2016

Another one in the books! Playlist LIVE Orlando 2016 was more than a success! Playlist brings together creators and their fans for a once in a lifetime experience. I've been coming since the first Playlist in 2011, and look forward to the event every year. It is a family-like community that stimulates growth and expertise

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to The Yard – 10 MILLION VIEWS

I had to seize the perfect opportunity for a laugh.  Kim was already making me one of her healthy smoothies, when "the boys" arrived next door to work.  Watch their candid reactions in the video above. :) TIGHT & BRIGHT 4 LIFE The video has received 10 million views on facebook in 5 days! https://www.facebook.com/spandyandyfanpage/videos/10154762915804447/  

Formula 1 in Bahrain of  the Persian Gulf 

Believe it or not; I spent the weekend dancing in the Kingdon of Bahrain! What a unique and wonderful experience this was. :)      I was able to engage with so many wonderful people! And I worked with a great group of international entertainers.          One thing is universal; everyone loves to

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Real Life: Relationship Difficulties through Loss

Andy flies back into Dallas tonight, and I am so looking forward to picking him up at the airport. Life has to continue at some point, and as hard as it is to pick up the pieces and start each day without someone you love, it needs to be done. Spandy Andy had to get

Kelowna Fan Xpo 2016

Is this REAL LIFE!? That's what I was asking myself all day at Kelowna Fan Xpo! The cos-play costumes were amazing! Goku from Dragon Ball Z The best part of KFX is seeing everyone's creations! I sure felt safe! XD Such a wonderful community of people!  I even got to meet the mayor of Kelowna backstage! This wonderful

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