About Spandy Andy

Spandy Andy is an international entertainer who is recognized as an internet sensation thanks to over 100 million views online.

Downtown Vibes in Adelaide

Downtown Adelaide on a hot Friday afternoon is essentially like most cities; busy, crowded sidewalks, funky art lining the streets and food trucks galore. Each city we find ourselves in has its own unique touches, and Adelaide provided that in the form of their sculptures, mall layout and buskers. I loved how this guy played

  • Karl's new budgie smugglers.

    How good's Karl's personalised budgie smugglers! #Today9

    Posted by TODAY on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Today Show Australia – Channel 9

Front Page News!

Dance Like Six Million People Are Watching was the title of today's front page of the Manly Daily, along with an appropriate cover shot of Spandy Andy high in the air creating smiles all around. While we didn't know that Spandy would be on the cover of today's paper, we were excited to have the chance

Choose to be Happy!!

My Perfect Day is full of HAPPINESS!! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Rba8XX37g  

Headed to WBF in my Budgy Smuggler

Q: What's WBF & what's a Budgy Smuggler?! A: A festival filled with street performers from around the world & swimming wear filled with...well me I guess. We found ourselves in Christchurch thanks to World Buskers Festival. A world renowned, 10 day festival that covers all genres of art and showcases street styles in a

Traveling to New Zealand

I like to consider ourselves pretty seasoned travelers. We've slept on airport floors, know the exact amount of luggage we are allocated on most airlines, start taking off our shoes and slipping our laptops out our bags as soon as we get to security. Yet, nothing can prepare you for the long-haul of a flight