🚨 Vancouver, Feb 20-27 @ M.O.M. Cup 🚨

I have been invited to the 2nd annual M.O.M. Cup! Looking forward to being part of this event and help grow education and awareness in regards to cannabis prohibition. Learn more: https://www.twelvehighchicks.com/mom-cup-2018/

Spandy Andy in Edmonton for Kaleido Festival on 118th Ave

This weekend is Kaleido Festival! I am super excited to be returning to Edmonton.  It's always awesome to be in a city that really appreciates the arts.  The festival is put on by Arts on the Ave, lovers of art & life! SHOW DETAILS DATE: Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17 WHERE: 118th

Spandy Andy, the Blogger!

I am a blogger!  I write blogs. See, you're reading it right now! :D I share my perspective and experiences with you via my blog.  I share why life makes me so freakin' happy! Whaaaaat!? Let me explain myself. Life is... What YOU make it! It's easier saying it, than doing it.  I kept saying

2016 Highlights (Forget The Lows!)

Doesn't it just blow your mind on how much you can accomplish in a year? All the little places you travel to, people you meet and things you acquire in a single year sometimes just overwhelm me. It evokes conversations in our home like 'What is all this about?', 'What is the meaning of life?'

A Magical Last Day in Vancouver at The Christmas Market

We spent our last day in Vancouver at one of the happiest places in the city! The Christmas Market! The new location is right on the water, next to Canada Place and it was SO special! I tagged along as Spandy had an afternoon appearance at the market. I love attending events like this with