Daily Vlogs

We are back it!  Producing daily Vlogs!!   A mix of our snapchat story & Vlogs on our phones.

Battling Allergies the Healthy Way

I am reminding myself to not take my health for granted, because if I wake up one more morning with an itchy throat, dry nose and watering eyes I think I will lose my mind. Allergy season is upon us folks, and it is hitting hard around here. I had the pleasure of growing up

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Gringo de Mayo

Today is the 5th of May. Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. Some people celebrate it, while others don't. I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone at a taco truck in LA since I'm here for Cinco de Mayo. I called the video Gringo de Mayo because a gringo is not a Latino. ?

Playlist LIVE – Orlando 2016

Another one in the books! Playlist LIVE Orlando 2016 was more than a success! Playlist brings together creators and their fans for a once in a lifetime experience. I've been coming since the first Playlist in 2011, and look forward to the event every year. It is a family-like community that stimulates growth and expertise

Coming Back To Reality

I am so lucky that I have this crazy, energetic and full of life guy that keeps me laughing and enjoying the small things daily. But, almost every second of every day I am thinking of my dad and going through a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Mostly sadness and hurt, but occasionally some anger has