NYE Livestream Celebration

WE WILL BE LIVE SOON!!  We're celebrating #YearofDancer LIVE on Facebook with YOU!! At 2pm 4pm PST we will go Live on Facebook to talk about our favorite moments this year and answer your questions. We'd love to hear from you! Come hang out! Follow along on Snapchat to keep up with us, as we finish off the year

To Grouse Mountain with Evo Car Share

We headed out the door this morning for our early morning hike up Grouse Mountain only to discover that Spandy's brother had borrowed the car and we were stranded! After a few seconds of panic we realized that we had the Evo Car Share app on our phones and could easily secure a ride. Spandy opened

That time I got stuck on a mountain!

I did it! I gasped between staggered breaths at the top of Grouse Mountain yesterday afternoon. Ok, well I did bear crawl up the last 1/4 mile, but I did it! Having never even seen a mountain until I was well into my 20's, I am far from your avid hiker. Yet, not one to

Giving Away Kindness – Thrustback Thursday

When the holiday season rolls around the season of kindness seems to kick in. Giving back, helping others, being selfless and positively impacting others is in full force. We try to implement this routine of kindness into our everyday lives, no matter the season. I think the idea of finding happiness in your own life

No Excuses ‘But’ // Lately in Vancouver

Monday rolls around and we found ourselves waking up to pouring rain, black skies and surprisingly warm temps. We head out, 7am, me for my nook at Starbucks, and Andy for his mountain run. It's our routine. It makes us, us. We leave together; one car, he drops me at the warmly lit coffee shop

Steel Grey Haircut by Hype Hair Studio!

Steel Grey Haircut by Hype Hair Studio! It was Spandy's turn to sit in the chair at Hype Hair Studio. This time Spandy wanted a winter look.  Frosted hair seemed like the right choice to fit his role as an elf this holiday season.  Shalon suggested "steel grey" and we are thrilled with the results. I love