My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to The Yard – 10 MILLION VIEWS

I had to seize the perfect opportunity for a laugh.  Kim was already making me one of her healthy smoothies, when "the boys" arrived next door to work.  Watch their candid reactions in the video above. :) TIGHT & BRIGHT 4 LIFE The video has received 10 million views on facebook in 5 days!  

Giving Away Kindness – Thrustback Thursday

When the holiday season rolls around the season of kindness seems to kick in. Giving back, helping others, being selfless and positively impacting others is in full force. We try to implement this routine of kindness into our everyday lives, no matter the season. I think the idea of finding happiness in your own life

Positive Prank: Surprise Her

Positive Prank: Surprise Her Kim really deserved this gift. <3 I am the luckiest spandex dancer in the world! Watch her reaction when I surprise her with a positive prank. :) Kim checks what's in her shoe. Kim realizes its a set of earrings for her. NEW EARNINGS! Now that's a positive prank!! NEW VIDEO

The Worst Way to Wake-Up!!

The Worst Way to Wake-Up!! The best time to prank Kimmy is when she is napping. It proves beneficial to me, leaving the perfect opportunity to grab the camera and prank her! I know I shouldn't do this because when she wakes-up she is not the nicest, but I can't help it! The look on her