VIDEO: Fake Proposal Prank

Fake Proposal Prank - Reaction Video Kim's upset! I'll have to make it up to her with a real proposal. ;) Spandy drops to one knee. Spandy starts asking Kim a question. Kim realizes it's not a marriage proposal. I only plan to propose one time in my life, so why not build up the

VIDEO: Vancouver’s Sunset Beach

#YearofDancer - Day 279 Vancouver is a beautiful city!  I first visited when I was 18 years old.  Once I saw the beach, ocean, mountain combo, I knew I had to live here.  What's more important than your environment?  The people you share it with.  Now, 10 years later I am living 1 block away from the

Thrustback Thursday | Niagara Falls Security

Made it back to Canada! It was a long day with an unexpected stop in Halifax where we had to clear customs and make it through security in a short amount of time. But, we did it! As you can see in the video, Spandy is used to dealing with security everywhere he goes. What

JUST DANCE!! – #YearofDancer – Day 275

My absolute favorite thing in the world is dancing in public and seeing peoples reactions. How would you react to a extremely happy person? The unfortunate thing about performing on stage is that everyone gives you expectations. I much prefer dancing in everyday life!

Thurstback Thursday | 6 Million Views

The story behind Spandy's first viral video: 'I'm Sexy and I know it!'  It took a couple of months of living on YouTube, and eventually just exploded on the internet. Overnight, Spandy's website crashed from the amount of hits and his name was being spread across Australia and many other parts of the world. While these were