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Viral Video

Spandy Andy dancing on the beach!
Family Festivals

Family Festivals

It's time for a DANCE PARTY!!
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Across the globe.
Flash Mob in Melbourne

Flash Mob in Melbourne

Lets keep it TIGHT & BRIGHT together. <3

Keep it TIGHT & BRIGHT!!

Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity. – Spandy Andy Rimer

Spandy Andy will leave you bewildered with his zany dance moves, quirky personality and vibrant spandex outfits. Carrying around a colourful boombox blasting party music, Spandy Andy loves to celebrate life. Born in Canada, Spandy Andy is now internationally recognized as a world-class entertainer.

His mission continues as he travels the globe spreading positivity through dance. Spandy Andy’s high-energy performances are guaranteed to have you grinning ear to ear. WARNING: this guy’s smile is infectious!

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Spandy’s Blog

Sylvan Lake Hockeyville


Everybody cut loose! I had a blast surprising the mayor and citizens of Sylvan Lake at mob. Kraft Hockeyville. Thank you to everyone who danced in the flash mob. :)

Mayor Sean McIntyre was a great sport when I interrupted him with a flash mob. Close to 100 people joined in for the dance. We finished with another dance to the song “Footloose”!

A Challenge

We are setting ourselves up for a big challenge in the next two weeks.
30 days of Bikram combined with 30 days of clean eating.

It seems like an easy task, but with the temptations of being back in Dallas with good friends, cold beers and nice food we will be relying on our willpower and strength to get through this challenge.

I am so excited to have a kitchen to cook in; and have created a 30 day calendar of meals for breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks. It will be fun to try lots of new vegan recipes and different variations of some of our favorite dishes.

I think once we get in the flow of Bikram, we will really enjoy this challenge. The hardest part about yoga is getting back into it mentally when you haven’t done it consistently. Our minds and bodies will thank us tremendously, making it so worth it!

If you are interested in completing the challenge with us, or creating your own 30 day challenge – JOIN US! Accountability makes things a bit easier, and knowing you have a great support system will help along the way. I will share the calendar and some recipes October 1st.


Spandy & Shimmy in September: Kaleido and Updates


I kicked off my return to Canada with an awesome festival in Edmonton, Alberta. Kaleido Festival was a 3 day event showcasing wonderful artists from all over the globe. There were art installations, live music, theatre performances and people hanging from buildings. Each step you took provided a new piece of art or sound of music for every style.

I can’t help but pinch myself when I consider that my job is roaming around festivals, dancing with my boomcase and making people happy. Am I the luckiest guy in the world? I had such a good time spreading smiles and dancing with all sorts of people on 118th Ave. If you were one of the many that stopped for a boogie, THANK YOU for your courage to get up and dance! You make my day!

Unfortunately, both Shimmy and I were battling colds during Kaleido Fest. The air travel mixed with temperature changes and irregular sleep habits caught up with us! We had foolishly thought that our vitamin C pills and healthy diet would sustain us from catching anything, but sometimes nature prevails! Shimmy is luckily doing 100% better now, but because I danced through the cold, I have become much worse. Thankfully, I am back in Canada and was able to go to the doctor this morning to find out I have tonsillitis. Lots of rest and getting my health back in order is on the schedule for me. I hope to be back to 100% health by the end of the week, as I have the Sylvan Lake Hockeyville this Sunday.

How do you pass the time when you are sick and bound to home for a few days?


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