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Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity. – Spandy Andy Rimer

Spandy Andy will leave you bewildered with his zany dance moves, quirky personality and vibrant spandex outfits. Boombox on his shoulders; blasting party music, Spandy Andy loves to celebrate life. Born in Canada, Spandy Andy is now internationally recognized as a world-class entertainer.

His mission continues as he travels the globe spreading positivity through dance. Spandy’s high-energy performance is guaranteed to have you grinning ear to ear.

WARNING: this guy’s smile is infectious!

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Viral Video

Viral Video

Spandy Andy dancing on the beach!
Festival Entertainment

Festival Entertainment

It's time for a DANCE PARTY!!
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Television & Media

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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One Night in Bangkok

Between Dubai trips we headed to Thailand, to edit a video and work on some new content. Our prank videos are proving to be well worth any amount of embarrassment I may be feeling at the time.

Bangkok was a city full of craziness. A multitude of sex happening around us each night, lady boys trying to tantalize Andy with a feather, ping pong shows at every corner. You name it, we saw it happen on Khao San Road.

This craziness must have resonated with Andy, as in our recent viral Facebook video you can see him pulling my skirt down as we stand for what I assumed was a photo. Within the first 12 hours the video had over a million views, with opinions on its appropriateness divided right down the middle.


You can view the video by clicking on the image above.

Our goal is to always create fun, happy content that showcases our lifestyle and how much we care about each other. Proving the importance of relationships on all sorts of levels is a strong subject to us, I want to empower girls to let funny things happen to them and not get offended and Andy will continue to keep me guessing about what to expect. I think the first step to be a truly happy person and being content in a relationship is the ability to make fun of yourself and not take things so seriously. This sort of attitude allows you to have a laid back approach to things, which ultimately makes you a happier person.

What are you doing to keep your relationship exciting while also empowering yourself?

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