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Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity. – Spandy Andy Rimer

Spandy Andy will leave you bewildered with his zany dance moves, quirky personality and vibrant spandex outfits. Boombox on his shoulders; blasting party music, Spandy Andy loves to celebrate life. Born in Canada, Spandy Andy is now internationally recognized as a world-class entertainer.

His mission continues as he travels the globe spreading positivity through dance. Spandy’s high-energy performance is guaranteed to have you grinning ear to ear.

WARNING: this guy’s smile is infectious!

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Viral Video

Viral Video

Spandy Andy dancing on the beach!
Festival Entertainment

Festival Entertainment

It's time for a DANCE PARTY!!
Television & Media

Television & Media

Across the globe.
Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

I can help get YOU exposure!

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Personalized Video Special

We have so much to celebrate over the next 2 months. Six birthdays along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years. We don’t have a problem celebrating and enjoying life, we do it everyday! Yet, there is something awesome about surprising someone on their special holiday or birthday.

Spandy Andy offers a one of a kind deal personalized to your needs.
This unique gift is good for holidays, birthdays or just because!

This one-minute personalized video features a private message, song of your choice and 110% of Spandy’s energy, positivity and love. With a holiday discount of 25% off, these videos are sure to meet any budget and totally surprise your friends and family.

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Spandy Video

Projected time for videos are 10-14 business days so please order accordingly.

Personalized Video Production

A unique gift containing a personal message and dance from Spandy Andy.
Spandy makes every birthday, holiday and special event even more special.

Order a personalized video today!

Spandy Shirts & Posters

Spandy Shirt Spandy_Andy_BehindStage_Poster-175
Spandy’s store has multiple t-shirts and posters to choose from.
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Have Spandy Andy create attention for you!!

Would you like to use Spandy Andy’s high energy?

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