Who is Spandy Andy?

Hi! My name is Spandy Andy.  No, seriously, I had it legally changed. Most likely you’ve seen one of my videos being shared on social media. In 2015 my Facebook videos were viewed over 200 MILLIONS times!  Or you saw an impromptu dance party? Maybe your friend sent you here to cheer you up.  Either way, glad you stopped by.  My goal is to uplift you!! 😀 To stay up-to-date connect with me on snapchat & facebook. If you truly believe in making the world a better place, please join team TIGHT & BRIGHT here!

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Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity. ~ Spandy Andy Rimer
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Thank you for visiting SpandyAndy.com  I hope to show you how colourful life can be!  Remember it’s your choice to be happy!! 😀

Q: Why spandex?
A: It instantly surprises people and brings them a smile.

Q: Why dancing?
A: When I’m happy, I dance!  When you’re happy, you dance!  I’m really HAPPY!!

Q: Where next?
A: Visit my schedule to find out where to catch me LIVE!