Healthy Eating Habits

Lots of people look towards Spandy and sometimes myself for tips on how to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. The truth is, we are still learning ourselves. The biggest consistency in our health decisions […]

Thrustback Thursday – London Olympics

In 2012 I took a trip to the United Kingdom to represent Budgy Smugglers on an international stage! My mom says if dance was in the Olympics I’d be a medalist!! 😉

Use coupon code “spandy” to […]

Bower Ponds | Red Deer

I LOVE seeing Spandy in his hometown with his family, friends and biggest fans. There is something nostalgic about seeing him perform in an area that he played in growing up. That’s exactly what […]

A Day at Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Kerry Wood Nature Centre was just like I remembered it being when I grew up. I first attended the nature centre on a school field trip, and was happy to find that the centre has […]