A NEW Take on TOAST – Day 1

Andy has been LOVING having french toast covered in peanut butter, strawberries and a chocolate drizzle each morning. As much as I would LOVE to indulge in all of that french toast greatness with him, […]

6 Weeks in 1 Case! TOP 5 TIPS!

Top FIVE tips on packing for an extended time:

1. Lay out everything you think you need and then divide it in half.
I make piles of YES I NEED THIS, I COULD DO WITHOUT, and I […]

Debunking Dubai

The majority of our travels this year have been to Asian countries. Rich in heritage, culture and religion, we are immersing ourselves in new smells, sights and daily rituals.

The one that I thought would be […]

  • One night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok

Between Dubai trips we headed to Thailand, to edit a video and work on some new content. Our prank videos are proving to be well worth any amount of embarrassment I may be feeling at […]