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Kale for Thanksgiving // A Vegetarian’s Dream

Oh, Kale! The secret power food that I try to incorporate weekly, if not daily into my diet. This Thanksgiving is no different. While I may indulge in some mini-pumpkin pies, (stay-tuned for this amazing […]

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The Power of Kindness

The smallest act of kindness from our own hearts and sometimes pockets is meant to impact others, yet in reality it is affecting us so much more. We have consciously made an effort this week […]

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Acts of Kindness

I want to make the world a better place. Who doesn’t!? But how can you make the world a better place? By using your energy to uplift others. An Act of Kindness […]

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To Grouse Mountain with Evo Car Share

We headed out the door this morning for our early morning hike up Grouse Mountain only to discover that Spandy’s brother had borrowed the car and we were stranded!

After a few seconds of panic we realized […]

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Spandy Andy Smile

Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity.
~ Spandy Andy Rimer

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Thank you for visiting  I hope to show you how colourful life can be!  Remember it’s your choice to be happy!! 😀

Q: Why spandex?
A: It instantly surprises people and brings them a smile.

Q: Why dancing?
A: When I’m happy, I dance!  When you’re happy, you dance!  I’m really HAPPY!!

Q: Where next?
A: Visit my schedule to find out where to catch me LIVE!